Québec City in Negotiation Blitz with Firefighters

Québec City in Negotiation Blitz with Firefighters

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 June 2015 – After the police, firefighters are now in blitz negotiations with the City of Québec.

“It is coming along well. We have three meetings scheduled next week”, said Éric Gosselin, president of the Professional Firefighters Association of Quebec.

The latter hopes to present “something” to its 420 members by the end of June.

Should we expect a principle imminent agreement?

“It’s too early to say that,” replied M. Gosselin. The City has refused to comment on the ongoing talks.

Firefighters from Québec are without a contract since 2009. The last labor contract, covering the period between 2007 and 2009, was declared by an arbitrator in autumn 2014.

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