Quebec City Language School Celebrates Succesful First Year

Quebec City Language School Celebrates Succesful First Year

Les Services Emchar Inc., a Quebec City-based English as a Second Language (ESL) school, is celebrating the end of a successful first year in business. caught up with owner Andrew Greenfield to find out just how the last twelve months had panned out…

Says Andrew ‘I originally launched the company after being approached to teach business English terminology to a senior businessman in Quebec City’.

The organization in question would only deal with an incorporated company so I had to start one if I wanted the contract. I looked at the figures involved and after discussing the options with those close to me, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.’

As it turned out, barely a month after the initial contract had started, it was renewed for a longer term. Shortly after, the new Quebec City English as a Second Language (ESL) school received a call from another business professional in the city.

Mr Greenfield picks up the story ‘We’d been recommended by the first company and after an initial meeting to discuss what we could offer, they hired us on a long-term contract. At this point things began to take off for us so we applied for Emploi-Québec accredited status’.

In December 2009 Les Services Emchar Inc. received the news that they’d been hoping for. They had been accepted for accreditation. This meant that they could now use ‘agréé par Emploi-Québec’ when dealing with clients.

This in turn opened more doors as, both the federal and provincial governments will only hire accredited ESL schools to provide English as a Second Language tuition. This is also the case for many of the city’s larger companies and those that work closely with the two governments.

Les Services Emchar Inc. only intended to employ one person and provide a regular income for the owner, however, more work followed and the company had to hire additional tutors.

Says Andrew ‘the nature of ESL tutoring means that the busiest times, well certainly for us, are early mornings, lunchtimes and evenings. I couldn’t be in more than one place at a time, so this meant taking on additional staff’.

For Les Services Emchar Inc. this has worked out well. Fast forward to the end of September 2010 and the company had 7 tutors tutoring private, semi-private and group classes to Quebec City businesses and members of the public too.

‘We’ve also taught French and Spanish courses and provided business consultancy as well’.

This isn’t something that Les Services Emchar Inc. had thought about doing but, as Mr Greenfield says ‘opportunities presented themselves so we took them. It was as simple as that’. So what’s given you the biggest satisfaction this last 12 months?

Andrew ‘Obviously obtaining and keeping that first contract and then winning the new business has been a real driver, however, we recently won a contract at a school to tutor English as an extra-curricular activity. To get that in our first year of existence is a real coup for us.

It’s a massive amount of recognition and something we’re very proud of’. So what next for Les Services Emchar Inc?

Andrew ‘We’ll be taking stock over the next couple of weeks and will then move forward into the second year.
When it comes to obtaining some of the larger ESL contracts the city has to offer, we’re up against some of the more established commercial ESL schools but, we have demonstrated that we can offer an excellent service. That’s down to the professionalism of our team. Our client referrals and amount of new business we’ve won is testament to this.
Something not lost on me and a part of the business that I spend a lot of time on’.

Andrew finished off by telling ‘We’ve had a busy, successful and above all, extremely enjoyable first year in the market place culminating in our tutors having taught over 930 hours of English to businesses and individuals in an around Quebec City. We’re very happy with our first year’s efforts but we need to build on that’.

Well there you have it, year two beckons for this provider of English courses in Quebec City and it appears they’re looking forward to it.


If you’re interested in teaching ESL or taking English classes with Les Services Emchar Inc.  you can contact them by email or calling (418) 948-4144.
Further details can also be found on their website

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