Quebec City New Car Dealerships to Open on Saturdays

Quebec City New Car Dealerships to Open on Saturdays

Several new car dealerships in the Quebec City area began opening their doors for business on  Saturdays, in the last few months which until now was not allowed.

Group Daigle , which includes, Beauport Mazda , Kia Sainte- Foy and Charlesbourg Chrysler / Fiat now welcome customers to their sales departments on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. Capital Chrysler, meanwhile, has been open from 10 to 4pm on Saturdays since August 31.

According to the Corporation of car dealers in Quebec  City (CQAF), between 12 and 15 local dealers (including south shore Lévis) now offer this option to their customers.

The Quebec City car dealerships association decided about 10 years ago to not open on Saturdays, but instead to remain open every night of the week until 9pm. It was a good decision at the time, but now that sales are declining the group has decided to open again on weekends. A lot of sales were being lost to neighbouring dealerships just a little out of town who, for the most part, were all open on Saturdays.

Even the local employees were complaining that working every night of the week was affecting their family life more so than if they worked a few hours on Saturdays.

Capital Chrysler’s decision was made to meet the needs of buyers. This was done to maintain sales.
People want to shop on Saturdays and if a dealship is not open, they’ll go to Saint –Raymond, or St. Appollinaire (two towns 25 minutes from the city).
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