Quebec City Old Port Redevelopment News

Quebec City Old Port Redevelopment News

The Lebeaume administration has big plans for riverfront along the Old Port in front of the Museum of Civilization. There are plans to develop a large new public square that will feel distinctly more European than the current sea of asphalt and cars that currently resides alongside the river.

The city wants to make the river more available to citizens building a new parking garage with a “green roof” to replace the old asphalt parking lot and adding pods, fountains, seasonal kiosks and walkways where the old asphalt parking lots once resided.

This new parking garage will be able to accommodate 700 automobiles rather than the 500 that the previous parking lot held.

Located alongside the parking garage will be the seasonal kiosks which overlook the river.

Although the cost of the city’s vision to expand the area that would affect la place de Paris and the Royal Battery is not yet known.

During the presentation of the project at the Palais Montcalm on Tuesday, mayor Régis Labeaume announced that a cost for the project is announced, that amount shall remain true.

This new redevelopment will completely change the current face of the Old Port, although its expected completion date would be in time for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation in 2017. During this time, Quebec will host forty large sailing ships.

“There’s no rush, but we would like it done for the ships in 2017,” stated Mr. Labeaume.

The federal government, will also be a partner in the new development.

Labeaume announced that “there is context here, as we will see a federal infrastructure program [2014]. We will be going step by step.”

The project has already been presented to the National Capital Commission and PQ minister Agnès Maltais.

“We would also like mark Quebec as the capitale de la francophonie in North America,” added Labeaume.

It can be assured that there will be a sculpture in this new development that will have the logo of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.

Europe in America

This new development will help to affirm the European touch in Quebec City. “When I’m in Europe, I do not see parking lots. Quebec City is called a European city in North America. It should be one,” remarked mayor Lebeaume.

Ultimately, this new public space counts, Lebeaume hopes that not only will this new terraces attract tourists, but especially the people of Quebec will come to appreciate this area that continue the development of the banks of the St. Lawrence that began with the promenade Samuel de Champlain.

“It will animate this area. I walk here regularly. I walk around there and it’s empty. There is nobody because it is ugly, it is unattractive. The Royal Battery, honestly, is not inviting.”

Michel Côté, the Director General of the Museum of Civilization, is also delighted to be part of the redevelopment surrounding the museum that will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. “It is important for us to improve the quality of life of locals and citizens in general,” he argued Tuesday at the presentation in the fourth symposium on innovation.

This day of reflection on urban planning is an annual opportunity for Quebec City to present projects for the coming years.

Last year, the vast redevelopment Plateau Sainte-Foy (PPU) was unveiled at the symposium. Two years ago, the eco-districts were featured.

Concepts of the plan can be viewed here starting on page 80 of the pdf file:
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