QC Police and Firefighters now on Twitter

QC Police and Firefighters now on Twitter


The Quebec City police and Fire departments are keeping up with the latest social media trends by most recently setting up two separate Twitter accounts which they hope will help them solve cases or be alerted about any special incidents that may be going on in the city.

The police (@SPVQ_police) and the firefighters (@SPCIQ) want to use their Twitter accounts to help them during emergencies or big media events by sending out or receiving information via the network.

In December of last year the two departments started a YouTube account for basically the same reasons, but it is not turning out to be as efficient as expected. Twitter is much faster and more extensive allowing a greater number of messages to be examined for whatever reason and police expect it could be very helpful for informing citizens of any dangers or catastrophes which could occur at any time.

The idea came up because of the success Boston had last year with its hunt for the bombing suspects where information received on Twitter made it easier for the police to track down the culprits involved.

It’s all about getting information out to the public quickly and efficiently and could no doubt play a role in saving lives somewhere down the line. Police hope the public will use the service respectfully and intelligently and not use it to suggest unnecessary actions. Keep in mind that any pranks or misuse of Twitter can be traced to the sender in an instant and all internet laws can be enforced for abuse of the system.

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