Québec City Prepares Birthday Celebration

Québec City Prepares Birthday Celebration

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 July 2015 – The 3rd of July is an important date for the city of Québec as it is the date when the city was officially founded in 1608, making it the oldest city in North America. Julie Lemieux, the city’s Councillor in charge of organizing the celebrations underling the event, hopes this year’s presentation of dancing and folkloric storytelling will bring the population on board and want to partake in the festivities.

This year’s “party” will be concentrated at the newly renovated Jardins de l’Hotel de Ville, (City Hall Square) which is directly adjacent to the City Hall building.

The show this year, which gets underway at 1pm, will include mostly different ethnic dancing and music from countries like, Peru, the Congo and other participants from South America. The weather is supposed to be nice and the city hopes there will be a large turnout not only for the celebrations but to also examine the new exterior renovations that have been made to the grounds and entrance to City Hall.

Since Quebec City is also a founder of a new Network which incorporates about 50 different cities in North America who have supposedly French roots or some kind of French connection the Mayor of Lafayette and Moncton will be honoured guests at the July 3rd celebrations.

To quote a famous lyric from Joe Hayden “It’ll be a hot time in the old town” starting at 1pm.

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