Quebec City radio host being charged with illegal campaigning

Quebec City radio host being charged with illegal campaigning

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 October 2015 – Eric Duhaime, a local Quebec City radio host has had an official complaint made against him by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) through Elections Canada, instigating that he is trying to persuade voters to vote for the Conservative Party instead of the preferred NDP being promoted by the PSAC. The Quebec chapter of the ASPC the, FTQ (Fédération des Travailleurs du Québec) wants its members to vote NDP in order to defeat the Conservative Party in Ottawa.

M. Duhaime is giving away a pamphlet (essay) he wrote in 2013 called Libérez nous des Syndicats, which is a strong opinionated text claiming the unions are ruining our society and is an anti-union document.

The PSAC claims that M. Duhaime is giving away his document during an election campaign in order to oppose the union’s preference for an NDP elected Government. They claim it is paradoxical because, according to them, the Conservative Government has been very hard on their unions.

M. Duhaime on the other hand claims his essay was written in 2013 and had no implications concerning a Federal Election or showing any partisanship towards one party or another. It is simply a book criticizing unions and their powers.

Why M. Duhaime has decided to give away his “work” during an election campaign is the source of the complaint.

The PSAC feels it is a direct persuasion tool against the wishes of the union.

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