Quebec City restaurant victim of internet fraud from Colorado

Quebec City restaurant victim of internet fraud from Colorado

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 October 2015 – A small Quebec City restaurant has had an illegal website made on their behalf by a firm in Colorado. The restaurant, iX on 18th avenue in Limoilou has seating for 22 people and has a good reputation according to the local “foodies” but wanted nothing to do with having a website.

The owners, Vincent Ozilleau and Benoît Lemieux say they have all the clientele they can handle.

The case came up when some tourists from Colorado came to eat at the restaurant and asked the owners if they would like them to set up a web-site for them since they were in the business of creating that sort of thing.

The owners refused but, have discovered recently that they have a website and a reservation for the restaurant was executed on the site by some tourists.

The owners have gone to the police to report the matter which seems to be a first for this type of crime.

The owners wonder how someone from Colorado can create a web-page for their restaurant without having the permission to do so. The creators of the site now want money to link their restaurant to the various search engines that connect restaurants with ratings and recommendations, which the owners of iX have categorically refused.

An investigation of fraud has been launched by the police.

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