Quebec City setting up cameras in four local quarries

Quebec City setting up cameras in four local quarries

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 April 2015 – The city of Quebec has sent out tenders for the installation of video cameras which will be used to survey the activities in four of the areas quarries. The idea is to be able to verify the quantity of a load and the number of trucks coming and going in any one quarry so as to be able to calculate the exact amount of taxes the sand and gravel companies should be paying back to the city for road repairs.

Heavy trucks are supposed to pay a special tax for road repairs because those trucks are quite often the cause of asphalt decay and heaving, which normally would not occur. The tax is 54 cents per ton of materiel being carried and the city thinks maybe they’re not getting their fair share.

The three quarry companies involved are Carrière Union, des Entreprises PEB, and Carrières Québec, who have two different locations.

The companies, who account for 70% of the municipality’s supply, are not happy about the move but since the cameras will be installed on municipal property there isn’t much they can do about it. They do claim however that there may be other ways to calculate discrepancies other than having a camera monitor their everyday movements.

The cameras will cost about $400 a month to operate and will be controlled by a private company with a contract of three years.

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