Quebec City shelters prepare for a busy week

Quebec City shelters prepare for a busy week

Quebec City (Quebec) January 7, 2015 – It’s cold outside and for the homeless living on the streets it is particularly difficult to find shelter and keep warm. In view of the cold temperatures the three homeless shelters in the city are preparing to accept anyone who needs help.

At the Lauberivière in the St. Roch area of town (Downtown) there are still a dozen beds available if and when needed according to the director Eric Boulay.

The centre has 41 beds available on a regular basis. The director emphasizes that the beds are available for whoever needs them but, underlines that there are some people who make other arrangements when the temperatures get nasty.

At the Maison Revivre there are still 6 beds out of 28 that are unoccupied and they are ready to accept anyone who needs a place to stay. They point out however that the demand is on a voluntary basis and that they won’t go out onto the streets to find people to come to their shelter.

The Salvation Army in the upper part of town which is usually only open for sleepovers is working 24 hours a day during this cold spell to help anyone they can, to stay warm and get a hot meal.

We have extra beds if we need them says a spokesman for the centre but is asking the public to donate winter clothes if they have some to give away. Coats, gloves, scarves and especially warm boots are always needed to replenish the small inventory they have on hand.

The Government and the Salvation Army (Armée du Salut) have special people who reach out to the homeless in the winter months and can even help some of them return to their families or relatives during the coldest months.

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