Quebec City Tartarefest a Rare Treat

Quebec City Tartarefest a Rare Treat

The second edition of Tarfarefest Québec saw lovers of raw meat and fish tucking in to the food they love.

Throughout the second half of May, participating restaurants in Montreal and Quebec City offered their signature tartare dishes together with something created especially for the event.

Eateries including Duo Sushi Tartare, Paris Grill, Nihon Sushi, Pub Le Dorsay, Bonne Entente’s MC Lounge and Les Maltcommodes were just some of the places in Quebec City where you could enjoy what was on offer.

The May 24 launch event at Beauport’s Les Maltcommodes saw attendees tuck into a classic salmon tartare and a bison tartare enhanced with chocolate and strawberries.
The salmon included ginger and onion, while the bison version included shallots, mustard seeds, and espelette peppers.

With Les Maltcommodes being a microbrewery there was no shortage of beers to go with the meal.

The servers, having explained the dishes in detail also suggested drinks to accompany the meal.

Courtesy of Restomania and Poissonnerie La Mer, Tartarefest boasted the inclusion of the best salmon in the world. Orâ King salmon, according to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s ‘Seafood Watch’ have evaluated the New Zealand salmon as top drawer as far as this variety of pink fish is concerned.

We’re ready for summer, not quite there yet, but this was a welcome way to propel us toward the soon to be here warmer weather.

Summer and alfesco dining with tartare on menu is certainly something to look forward to.

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