Quebec City ‘Tower Runner’ off to Paris

Quebec City ‘Tower Runner’ off to Paris

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 March 2015 – If you’ve never heard of the sport called tower running don’t feel bad, very few of us have but, there is one Quebec City resident by the name of Napoleon C. Woo, who has made it his passion.

Very simply, the sport involves racing other people up extravagant flights of stairs like you’d find in the Empire state building or the financial centre in Shanghai.

Mr. Woo uses the stairs at Cap Blanc and the Complex “G” to practise his sport, and can climb the 31 floors of the Government building in 4 minutes and one second.

Three years ago, at the age of 55, he came in sixth at the race held in Shanghai with 2,754 stairs, but classed first for his age group. Mr. Woo has competed in New York, Chicago and in Europe, where the sport is more popular.

He is now off to compete in the first ever tower running race that will take place on the Eiffel tower in ten days time.

Mr. Woo is the only Canadian who has been chosen out of 40 competitors to participate in the new challenge.

At 58, he is eager to take on the 1,665 steps that will take the runners to a height of 279 meters atop the famous structure.

Besides being an avid stair climber, Mr. Woo, together with his daughter, Jamie Kate, run the well known Chinese restaurant, Wok & Roll on boul. Charest, which has been in the family for three generations.

We at, wish you Mr. Woo, good luck in Paris.

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