Quebec City unveil new slogan

Quebec City unveil new slogan

Quebec City, (Quebec) 14 November 2014 – On Thursday of this week, the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, unveiled the long awaited new slogan that the city wants to be known as internationally.

The city wanted something “catchy” like “I Love New York” with a heart making the word love, but it appears as if a different choice has been made by the project which was headed by Julie Lemieux.

The new slogan is, wait for it, “l’Accent ‘de l”Amerique” printed on an icy blue background.

The committee wanted something in French, something that would represent the area and something that would somehow recall the history of the city.

According to the mayor there was never a question of using any English or anglicisms to represent the most French speaking city in North America. A lot of cities around the world use English in their slogans no matter what the spoken language of the particular city might be.

Time will tell whether or not the phrase is attractive for tourists or as a representation of the city, but from now on municipal papers and promotional documents, including the tourism pamphlets will all have the slogan written on its headers.

It will be interesting to see whether the slogan will be understood by the majority of the English-speaking world, but it will certainly get some attention.

Let’s hope the slogan becomes iconic and as recognisable as others out there.

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