Quebec City Walking Tour – September 11th 2010

Quebec City Walking Tour – September 11th 2010

In Old Quebec at 1pm on a beautiful September afternoon, a decent crowd of walkers gathered to take part in a (VEQ sponsored) Quebec City walking tour.

The tour took in the sights of  the upper and lower towns, Chateau Frontenac & Dufferin Terrace, Plains of Abraham, Parliament, Place d’Armes, Place Royale, Petit-Champlain, Old Port and lots more.

The group was split into two as there were quite a number of us and we were lucky enough to have two qualified Quebec City tour guides, namely Lori Godon and Elizabeth Davies.

We were out for about 90 minutes and we fitted a lot in during that time.
A walking tour around Quebec City is not for the faint-hearted and is, in places, quite steep.
Before the day we were advised to wear good walking shoes. Good advice indeed!

Our guide Lori, quite possibly the happiest woman in Quebec City, led our group and explained her take on everything along the way.

Our guide clearly knew her subject and it was easy to see that she was in her element.

The tour finished around 2.30 pm at The Morrin Centre, scene of the Quebec City Celtic Festival.

As a treat and a pick-me-up for all those with tired limbs, the VEQ treated all of the walkers to a free crêpe.
Something we all enjoyed while browsing the festival stalls and viewing the Shannon Irish dancers.

An excellent event organised by the Voice of English-speaking Quebec. A big thank you to all involved.

Our guide explaining all about the cannonball in the tree.
How on earth did that get in there?

Article: Andrew Greenfield
Photos: Andrew Greenfield

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