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Quebec City Walking Tours, in conjunction with our parent company Les Services Emchar Inc., has organized a Quebec City Walking Tour and historical information lecture for summer 2011.

To provide this service, we’re working with Stephen Marchessault, a Quebec City tour guide and long time resident of the region. 
For further details about your guide, please see the biography below.

The walking tours and lectures are completely in English.

We’ll begin with the historical lecture on Wednesday 24th August at 7 pm.
This will run until 8.30pm and takes the form of a powerpoint slideshow, lecture and question and answer session.

The lecture, entitled ‘Quebec City, World Heritage City’ will cover the following:

A Power Point presentation recounting the major events that have marked the history of the city. From the founding of a fur trading post to becoming the stronghold of a vast French empire in North America to the dramatic military events that led to the cession to Britain.

– Place Royale
The cradle of French Civilization in North America. On this site the founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain, erected the first fort-fur trading post.

– Place D’Armes
Chateau Frontenac: the city’s most recognizable and treasured  landmark. Constructed at the end of the 19th century to accommodate wealthy world travellers (jetsetters).

World Heritage City: In 1985, UNESCO recognized Quebec City as a World Heritage site.

– Seminary of Quebec
Most significant building of French institutional architecture of the 17th century.

The meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill at Chateau Frontenac to plan D-Day, contemporary Quebec, the Winter Carnival, the construction of Quebec’s bridges and more will also be covered.

The Quebec City Walking Tour itself will take place on Sunday 28th August starting at 10am from Place Royale.

The tour will take approximately 2.5 hours and will be conducted at a leisurely pace with frequent stops.

Along the walking tour route you’ll discover and learn about Place Royale, Lower Town, Dufferin Terrace, both the Holy Trinity and Nodre Dame de Québec cathedrals, Morrin Centre, Quebec Parliament, Petit Champlain, the murals, Côte de la Montagne, The Plains of Abraham and more.

Pertinent historical periods will be explained along with principal figures and events.

There is a small cost of $20.00+taxes attached to the walking tour and historical lecture.

Space is limited so for more information or to reserve your place, please email or call 418-948-4144 today.

Photos courtesy of Stephen Marchessault and Daniel Dion.

About your tour guide, Stephen Marchessault

Stephen was raised in Quebec City where he completed his primary and secondary schooling.
He then spent three years at York University, Toronto where he completed a B.A. in History-Political Science.
Following graduation he returned to Quebec City and worked for a Bank and as a stockbroker for several years.
A new career brought him into Tourism. Today, Stephen works as a Tour Guide where he leads groups of tourists who come to Quebec City to learn about its history and culture.
During the off season he teaches the Tour Guide Course at St-Lawrence College in Quebec City.
Stephen enjoys spending time with his grandson and the great outdoors as an enthusiast, hiker and cyclist.

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