Quebec City Winter Triathlon Postponed for One Year

Quebec City Winter Triathlon Postponed for One Year

(Québec) The new winter triathlon on the Plains of Abraham, announced for February has been postponed for one year. 

During the SportAccord meeting in May, the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume and Pentathlon CEO, François Calletta, announced the arrival of a new sporting event in Quebec, the winter triathlon race that combines snowshoeing, speed skating, and skiing. 

This sport has been approved by the International Triathlon Union (ITU), and the month of February 2013 had been targeted for the first edition. 

However, the organizers have decided to postpone the event for 12 months.

The complexity of the technical aspects of the project, the need for more promotion to other nations, and the time needed to prepare the athletes for the participation are three reasons why the beginning of this new format for the winter triathlon season 2013-2014 has been delayed. 

There are still many things to straighten out such as regulations for the skiing, speed skating, and triathlon. This also gives the time to introduce the sport to potential participants, skiers, speed skaters, but also summer triathletes.

New Zealand Mission

The organizing committee have received a lot of positive feedback since the announcement of the event in May and, there will be, without a doubt a winter triathlon that will hopefully, one day, make its way to the Olympics. 

To prepare, Calletta François and Denis Paquet, sports advisor for the City’s big sporting events, will travel to Auckland and New Zealand in mid-October for the ITU Triathlon World Series finale. 

Quebec will present this project at the workshops before the annual general meeting of the ITU.
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