Quebec City’s 5 most influential people

Quebec City’s 5 most influential people

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The 5 most influential people who have a strong influence on the comings and goings of Quebec City.

Régis Labeaume – Right now the most influential, not only because he’s the mayor but also because of his strong personality and his sometimes outspoken remarks together with his down to earth connection with the citizens.

Jacques Tanguay – A Quebec City businessman who financially supports the Remparts (hockey team), the highly successful Rouge et Or football team, and the Challenge Bell tennis championships, besides running the Tanguay furniture stores.

Robert Lepage – Known throughout the world for his theatrical and artistic endeavors, M. Lepage has written and presented many different plays and is responsible for the “ Moulins à Images”, a local film depicting the history of Canada which is projected onto the Bunge wheat silos at the Old Port of Quebec. The theatre “La Machina” is also one of his creations.

Daniel Gélinas – Quebec City businessman and promoter, M. Gélinas was the father of the 400th anniversary celebrations and is the present director of the highly popular Quebec City Festival D’été.

Michel Dallaire – Owner and CEO of Cominar, M.Dallaire has recently built two prestigious condo-office towers in Ste Foy adding to the already extensive land and building properties which have dominated Quebec City’s landscape for 30 years running. M. Dallaire is the son of M. Dallaire senior who started his land developing career by opening a grocery store in Charlesbourg in the early ‘70’s.

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  1. Author 22 December, 2013, 14:49

    Chantal Theriault contacted us and stated that:

    I would add Peter Simons.
    Québec wouldn’t be Québec with him and his stores and the fountain.

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