Quebec City’s giant snowball unveiled in Brussels

Quebec City’s giant snowball unveiled in Brussels

Brussels (Belgium) 1 December 2014 – The mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume together with the Mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier are in Brussels this week to unveil a giant snowball made of metal on a base with big TV screens showing videos from around the area in an attempt to attract Europeans to come to the Quebec region for a winter vacation.

The idea is to sell Quebec winters to Europe.

The “Boule à Neige” is on display at the Brussels Christmas Market, the second largest of its kind in Europe and M. Labeaume and M. Lehouillier both hope it attracts European tourists to come here to ski, snowmobile, experience a dogsled ride or whatever else people do in winter.

A visit to the Ice Hotel is also being promoted on one of the big screens.

Whether or not the sales pitching snowball is going to have an effect on the number of tourists coming here is another story since everything offered in this area already exists in and around Western Europe.

The snowball cost the local tourist office around $500,000 and although it seems costly, the structure will be reusable for many years to come, making the initial expense easily absorbed over the years.

The two mayors are also going to visit a bus factory in Belgium to try out a special bus which could be interesting for the city’s transit system. The buses, built by Van Hool, are fast, modern and can seat 175 people at a time.

Quebec City is interested in the buses for their public transit network.

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