Quebec City’s Golden Dog Gets Clean Up

Quebec City’s Golden Dog Gets Clean Up

Main pic: Bas-relief du Chien d’Or, Bureau de poste, ville de Québec. Photo credit: Jasminus. 

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 February 2015 – Hard to believe that a bas-relief of a dog could end up making a city well known throughout America but, that’s exactly what happened when William Kirby wrote a romance novel including the small sculpture engraved on the main post office building upon which he based the title for his manuscript.

Mr. Kirby, a Canadian, visited Quebec City back in 1839 and noticed the golden dog bas-relief at the entrance to the post office building and consequently wrote a book about a political love story that became a best seller in Canada and the USA.

The book, published in 1877, used Quebec City as a backdrop for the story and made reference to the golden dog among other historical facts that made up La Nouvelle France at the time.

Whether or not all the facts are accurate is debatable but the book ironically opened Quebec City to the world and became so popular that post cards and artifacts were made to sell to the many tourists who started visiting the city because of the story and the golden dog.

The post office building was named a Canadian Heritage site in 1983, and is being maintained and refurbished as a historical building which is why after so many years the golden dog bas-relief has been recently reworked re-polished and reinstalled as it was back in the days when the post office was still in use.

The sculpture and why it was chosen have quite a history within the city and can be traced to a family feud involving the death of one of the family’s dogs. Another saga within the entrails of this historic city.

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