Quebec City’s Grand Marché attracts “a lot of interest”

Quebec City’s Grand Marché attracts “a lot of interest”

There is “a lot of interest” in the Grand Marché, says the general director of the Marché du Vieux-Port, a few days before the call for businesses who wish to set up shop there closes.

Since January 18th, the Coopérative des horticulteurs de Québec invites merchants wanting to settle in the future ExpoCité Market to present their project. Bakers, confectioners, butchers, confectioners and company have until February 20th to speak up.

Things are going quite well, said Daniel Tremblay, general manager of the Marché du Vieux-Port.

“There are a lot of requests for information and interest,” he said. “There is a lot of traffic on our website and many downloads of the proposal document.”

For the time being, Mr. Tremblay did not want to reveal the number of merchants who formally filed a project. The statement will be made public after February 20th.

Members on board

The members of the Coop already installed in the Vieux Port all have their place at ExpoCité. “All our members are welcome.” And the vast majority of them are expected to make the leap towards the new market, the general director said. “They signed a letter of intent.”

Only “two or three” traders chose not to move, he adds. According to him, this is mostly the case for producers who are thinking about retirement.

Regional products

The Grand Marché must give priority to regional products. It will house 20 permanent kiosks, 100 seasonal stalls and 30 commercial spaces. Mayor Régis Labeaume hopes that the market will help animate the area surrounding the amphitheater.

The opposition denounces this vision and fears the repercussions on the surrounding businesses. According to Démocratie Québec chief Anne Guérette, the Grand Marché risks generating significant deficits.

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