Quebec City’s Ice Hotel is a cool place

Quebec City’s Ice Hotel is a cool place

Despite this year’s cold temperatures and snowy conditions the Ice Hotel (AKA, Hôtel de Glace) on the old zoo grounds is having a record year.

According to the director of operations the hotel has more reservations this year than ever even though the outside temperatures have been frigid from Northern Canada to the Midwestern States.

Most of the reservations come from outside the country and are usually made ahead of time, so people may not have expected to experience the cold before coming, but since the reservations were already made they feel compelled to come anyway.

The Hotel is more popular outside the country than it is locally with 75% of its clientele coming from Europe or the US. Surprisingly enough however 25% come from the province itself which seems odd as the local winter lasts a good five months.

The Hotel is open from January to the end of March and is a popular spot for people to get married having conducted 275 weddings since its opening in 2001. The Hotel hosted 70,000 guests last year with 43,000 of those staying over at least one night.

It is the only Ice Hotel in North America, and there are only two in the world, the other being in Kiruna, Sweden.

If you’re staying there or visiting this year we’d love to hear about your experience.
Please contact Life in Quebec and we’ll take it from there.

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