Quebec City’s Jazz Festival Hailed – And Growing

Quebec City’s Jazz Festival Hailed – And Growing

The Quebec Jazz Festival is becoming one of the best jazz festivals in the world.

This is the consensus amongst many music critics who are visiting the festival which is taking place right now in the Capital City. It is the seventh edition this year, but up until now has remained fairly inconspicuous internationally. The festival is known locally as “Le festival du Jazz de Quebec”.

It has been said that although Montreal has the biggest and maybe loudest Jazz festival in the world, the Quebec City version has a special quality all its own.

Up until now the show was promoting mostly local jazz artists, but next year will be going International changing its official title to Festival International du Jazz de Québec, keeping in mind that the “de Québec”, refers to the city and not the province (“du Québec”).

This will allow performers from all over the world to participate in the event and the Festival committee to receive funding from the different levels of Government.

The Quebec City public, which longs for international entertainment, will finally have a chance to see some amazing artists perform right here on their front doorstep without having to travel to Montreal or Toronto, and the organizers expect some substantial turnouts for most of the presentations. The city has three theaters downtown plus a new stadium in the works which can easily handle the load.

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