Quebec City’s Last All-Girls School to Welcome Boys From September 2013

Quebec City’s Last All-Girls School to Welcome Boys From September 2013

Jesus-Marie_SilleryThe last all-girls private school in Quebec is soon to disappear.

By letting go of a 140-year old tradition by welcoming boys in Kindergarten last fall, College Jesus-Marie has the same goals but now opens its doors to young male teens.

Boys entering elementary school last year were welcomed for the first time. The doors were opened for high school as well to allow families to drop off all their kids at the same school. Many parents asked for this and it took a lot of thinking to reach this conclusion.

From September 2013, girls and boys in secondary four and five will share the same classes, as opposed to elementary school and prekindergarten.

Presently, the college has two female and one male classes in kindergarten, a scenario that will repeat itself in first grade next fall.

Teenagers will still have a choice to enroll in a non-mixed class next year though.

Since the registration period just started, it is impossible to say, for now, if the girls who already attend the college will choose to be with guys next year. The school’s board members would have liked to offer, in high school, non-mixed classes for boys also, but this was unrealistic because there will probably not be enough boys to make up a full class. With the course options in high school, it would also be too complicated.

The members estimate that it would take approximately a decade to have the same number of boys and girls enrolled at Collège Jésus-Marie in Sillery.

College Jesus-Marie was the last private all girls school in the Quebec region. Two years ago, the Ursulines school in Quebec also announced that they would accept boys.
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