Quebec City’s Most Important Municipal Election Donor

Quebec City’s Most Important Municipal Election Donor

The architect Regis Côté has been, since the fusion, the most important donor to the municipal electoral banks in Quebec City. With his wife, he contributed to almost $12000, giving to each party in turn, sometimes two and even three parties at the same time.

His associate Jocelyne Boilard also gave $5000 mainly to Mr. Labeaume. Regis Côté supported the Civic Action under Andrée Boucher, P-Michel Bouchard, and Jean-Marie Laliberté; the municipal renewal under Jean-Paul L’Allier, Ann Bourget, and Anne Beaulieu; the Quebec Vision of Marc Bellemare and since 2007, the Labeaume team.

According to the years, the donations vary from $150 to $1000. In 2009, he even gave too much to the Labeaume team, $1450. The party had to reimburse the excess.

From 1999 to 2010, he also made 23 donations to the Liberal party and Parti québécois. Why so many donations?  He isn’t much of a politician but he has his ideals and preferences for some politicians. His office also gives 1% of its profit to non-profit organizations and encourages students by giving bursaries.

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