Quebec City’s new arena finally has a name but no NHL team

Quebec City’s new arena finally has a name but no NHL team

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 April 2015 – This week saw the unveiling of the new name for the recently constructed arena which awaits its grand opening in September.

There were several names being presented to the naming committee, like Canadian Tire, Budweiser, or Pepsi etc. but, it comes as no surprise that the new name will be Centre Videotron. Videotron’s parent company, Quebecor, agreed from the very outset to undertake the maintenance and upkeep of the new arena consequently giving the company a head-start on any naming of the new structure.

It costs a lot of money to put your name on a building and Videotron had to cough up $33 million to have its big yellow sign pasted to the new centre. The price can be higher if there is a guarantee that an arena will be home to a NHL team, which so far is not the case for Quebec City’s brand new building which cost taxpayers $400 million.

The arena was built with public money which is why anyone could bid on the labelling of the building and we will probably never know if other companies had offered more money than Videotron or not. The city itself had no say in the choice but, Mayor Labeaume is very happy with the final result stating that he prefers having the stadium bear a Quebec Company name as to something more international.

It is not known if other Quebec companies like Hydro-Quebec, Bombardier or even CGI had submitted their intentions.
Most stadiums carry the investor’s names like, Bell Centre in Montreal or Roger’s Centre in Vancouver and Rexall Place in Edmonton.

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