Quebec City’s Notre Dame Basilica on CNN

Quebec City’s Notre Dame Basilica on CNN

Main pic: Notre-Dame Basilica, Quebec City, Quebec. Photo credit: AWS15

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 April 2015 – Since Easter is the most religious holiday of the year we thought we’d post a story about a holy door and its significance to the media.

The world’s most watched news channel, CNN was in Quebec City this last week to record an interview with Quebec’s well known Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix.

The Holy Door or Porte-Sainte that was inaugurated in 2014 at the Notre Dame Basilica in Quebec City is the only such attraction outside of Europe.

Cardinal Lacroix offered up a two hour interview with Carol Costello from CNN, in both English and Spanish, to describe and promote the unique Porte-Sainte, installed in the Basilica. Cardinal Lacroix knows Pope François very well which allowed him to give a rather extensive interview on and about the holy year which is coming up in 2016.

Normally a holy door is only open for a short time around Christmas, but since the pope acclaimed 2016 as a holy year, the Basilica’s Porte-Sainte will stay open from December 2015 until November of next year.

The tourism committee for the Basilica is expecting a bumper crop of tourists in 2016, and the interview with Cardinal Lacroix is the kick-start which will publicise, the City of Quebec, the Notre-Dame Basilica and the Porte-Sainte all at the same time. Last year the basilica received 1.3 million visitors with 330,000 of them passing through the holy door in December alone.

The interview with Cardinal Lacroix will be broadcast in English on Friday, April 10 between 9 and 11 o’clock on CNN. The Spanish version will be on CNN International throughout this week.

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