Québec City’s Other Bridge Needs Attention

Québec City’s Other Bridge Needs Attention

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 May 2015 – Within the last year we have read about the conflicts between CNR and the city as to who is going to pay to paint the old original Québec Bridge which has been declared a National Historic site, but Québec City’s other bridge, Pierre Laporte, is now in need of some testing and possible repairs.

The newer bridge, which was finished in 1970, is beginning to show signs of wear and the Ministry of Transport wants to do some testing on some of its cables just to make sure everything is holding up as it should be. The Pierre Laporte Bridge is a suspension bridge that relies on 160 vertical cables called shrouds that hold the massive main cable tubes in place and the Transport ministry is concerned that some of those shrouds may be weakening from being exposed to the elements over the last 44 years.

The MTQ (Ministère des Transport du Québec) is going to dismantle and replace two of the cables on the northeast corner of the bridge in order to test the old ones to find out if the steel and its components have not been weakened or corroded.

The “operation”, a first for this bridge, is only a precautionary measure and is in no way a critical or urgent procedure because of infrastructure failure.

Shrouds number 5, 22 meters long and number 21, 41 meters long, will be removed and replaced by 2G construction at a cost of $613,000. The removed cables will be tested for strength, wear and or corrosion and if found damaged a procedure will be put in place to replace all 160 shrouds in the coming years.

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