Quebec Coast Guard Office Gets New Technology

Quebec Coast Guard Office Gets New Technology

Main pic: Canadian Coast Guard Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (BO-105-CBS) helicopter over Saint Lawrence River between Quebec City and Lévis. Photo credit: Cephas. 

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 June, 2015 – The Canadian coast guard has installed new technology in all its bureaus across Canada and the Quebec City dispatch is no exception.

Although the local office has lost 8 employees in the last year, the new technologically advanced communication systems and weather updates, the service offered by the CCG is every bit as efficient as it was if not more so.

The agents working in Quebec City known as Marine Communication and Traffic Service (MCTS) officers now have automatic weather updates, both verbal and visual which can be communicated to ships at sea simultaneously, and can follow any vessel and its whereabouts in the water on giant screens. Before this the technology was pretty much of the old switches and walkie-talkie formats used in the 70’s.

Any ship in distress can now be reached much quicker and more efficiently allowing the Search & Rescue teams to sweep into action with a more precise destination and weather conditions before leaving the base.

The total cost to update the systems across Canada was $20.7 million. There are only 12 communication centres left across the country from a previous 22.

In the Quebec City region there is a MCTS at 101 blvd. Champlain and another in Les Escoumins, about two hours up river.

The CCG has 12 vessels scattered throughout the province.

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