Quebec Company’s Temporary Shelter Solution

Quebec Company’s Temporary Shelter Solution

The Somac Group from Mirabel has developed a permanent solution to temporary structures such as winter garages, porches, and other small shelters. It is the abris Tendal, made of aluminum, 75% glass with a see-through roof.

This Quebec product arrived on the market last summer. The business presented some models during the recent Quebec Salon Expo habitat and wants to show it at other exhibitions across the province this spring.

These shelters are offered in many formats for gardens, spas, cars, balconies, windows, and many more. They respond to the same needs as the fabric garage.

It could possible be seen as an investment rather than an expense as they are considered an addition to the main building whether it is attached to the property or not. The Tendal shelters are available in over 100 colours – so they should be able to find something to match your house style.

Windows can be of different colours as well and can open from the top or bottom. The roofs, the only part of the structure built in the United States, are transparent and let 50-70% of light through. They are equipped with UV filters.

They are adaptable to any location, any configuration.

They are practically custom built.

In the East of Quebec, the distributor is Solutions CJDP, in Sainte-Justine in Bellechasse (581 309-1515 or

People can also visit the website They answer a questionnaire and they will receive a submission letter. The simplest models can be assembled by two people who only have to follow the plan. It is also possible to have Somac specialist build it for you.

The price ranges between $1 000 and $10 000 for the more sophisticated models.

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