Quebec couple barricade themselves in apartment for 9 hours

Quebec couple barricade themselves in apartment for 9 hours

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 July 2015 – It all started by police being called to investigate what sounded like a case of domestic violence to an apartment on Pont Scott Street in the Vanier borough of the city. When police arrived at the third floor apartment around 2 pm Saturday afternoon the occupants categorically refused to open the door and after several minutes of discussion and persuasion in vain a SWAT team, known locally as a Groupe Tactique d’Intervention (GTI) was called in as a precautionary measure.

Since the police soon discovered who the individuals were and that there may be weapons involved, the third and second floors of the building were evacuated. The man involved in the stand-off is well known to police and has served jail time on several occasions. Ever since he was 18 years old, in 1995 the individual has been in and out of police custody for crimes involving drugs, theft and parole infractions.

The woman implicated in the stand-off gave herself up around 9 pm and was visibly injured either from being beaten or having fallen. She was immediately taken to hospital where her injuries would be looked after.

The man finally surrendered to police around 11:30 pm the same night and was taken into custody.

The residents were only allowed back into their homes after a complete search of the couple’s apartment was terminated by police, which was around 12:30 / 1 am Sunday morning.

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