Quebec Court to Tackle Homeless and Mental Health Issues

Quebec Court to Tackle Homeless and Mental Health Issues

The Quebec municipal court takes a social turn when establishing an adapted tribunal for homeless people or people suffering from mental health problems.

This ambitious project, innovation from Quebec, will take off in 2013, according to the business plan of the municipal court clerk, approved this week by the executive committee.

Quebec City was very discreet about this new court.
The official announcement is expected shortly.

Researchers analyzed the infringement findings submitted during the last 10 years and have found a form of youth targeting in Quebec.

Targeting, it says in the study, led to a major debt for some people who have an average debt of over $13,000.

These findings support the assertion that in Quebec City, as in other Canadian cities, the practice of repression towards homeless people should be revised because they create even greater barriers to getting off the streets.

The Quebec Municipal Court seems to want this revolution for clients with mental health problems, intellectual disabilities, and homelessness.

Clearly the court wants to move towards a problem solving court, an American concept based on the idea that courts are not just there to punish.

This new and adapted court will look at various crimes to support the perpetrators instead of giving out traditional sentences.
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