Quebec doctor being sued for $800K

Quebec doctor being sued for $800K

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 August 2015 – A questionable prescribed medication and lack of follow-ups on behalf of a certain patient has led to a lawsuit of $818,000 against a doctor from Centre hospitalier de l’Université Laval (CHUL).

It all goes back to July 2012, when a woman, (let’s call her Jane) who was being treated since 2001 for Arthritis resulting from Crohn’s disease is finally prescribed a new medication called Remicade to help her deal with the symptoms of her inflammatory disease.

Just before her first injection of the new remedy Jane showed signs of tachycardia (an increase in heart beat) and was referred to a cardiologist who did a thorough examination. The drug Remicade is known to have severe side-effects, especially to someone with heart fluctuations. But the first injection was carried out by Doctor Laëtitia Noëlline Françoise Michou two days after Jane’s visit to the cardiologist anyway, causing Jane to suffer from extreme breathing problems together with acute fatigue and leg pain for several days after the first intervention.

Jane continued to be examined by her cardiologist in the interim and it was detected she was starting to suffer from a weakened heartbeat. Whether or not this information was transcribed to Dr. Michou is not clear but the deterioration of the patient’s health was obvious.

The lawsuit comes from the fact that the patient (Jane) ended up having to have two open heart surgeries to save her life after having five injections of Remicade when it was evident that the medication was having a negative effect on her body after the first treatment.

Her lawyers claim that Dr. Michou neglected her patient and are suing for $768,000 plus $50,000 for her life partner. The manufacturers of Remicade deny any responsibility stating that Dr. Michou should have been aware of the side-effects which are well known by all medical staff around the world.

So far, waiting for the results of the case, the Hospital has not suspended Dr. Michou.

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