Quebec Ecocentres backed-up, causing huge delays

Quebec Ecocentres backed-up, causing huge delays

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 May 2015 – Quebec City seems to be having a problem with its recycling centres, known as “Ecocentres”, in recent weeks. Two of the centers were closed during the winter and will not be reopening forcing the population to use other drop off places to get rid of their unwanted reusable rubbish causing huge wait lines.

Not only have two centers been closed, but the ones still in operation are now closed on Mondays and Tuesdays during the week. Up until this spring the ecocentres were operational 7 days a week but the hours have now been changed to Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 8am to 10pm and from 8am to 5 pm on the weekends.

Mayor Labeaume claims that the immediate problem of wait lines is simply a temporary event because it is the busiest time of the year for recycling, and that once the rush is over everything will be back to normal. Although the mayor seemed to think the problem was temporary, the operational hours of the centres were extended immediately to accommodate the large number of clients, contradicting the mayor’s thoughts on the matter.

The Monday and Tuesday closures were causing a problem because some people were simply dumping their material at the entrance to the centres instead of coming back on the Wednesday. It appears the population had not been properly informed of the new business hours.

Garbage and its disposal has become a major problem for Mayor Labeaume in the past several months; with the decision on bins or bags in the downtown core still not resolved, and now the new hours for the Ecocentres causing havoc it has become a sore spot in the mayor’s governing capacities.

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