Quebec Elvis going to Vegas, baby!

Quebec Elvis going to Vegas, baby!

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 March 2015 – The successful impersonator of Elvis Presley, Martin Fontaine, who has been giving shows at Le Capitole, for over 20 years under the title of Elvis Story and Elvis Experience, has finally got a contract for 35 shows at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Almost every Elvis fan in Quebec City and surrounding area has seen Martin’s show at least once, and he even had the pleasure of performing in front of Elvis’ ex-wife, Priscilla, at Le Capitole last summer.

Starting April 21, Martin will be on stage at the Westgate, singing on the same stage that Elvis himself sang on 600 times back in 1969 until 1976. Back at the time the Westgate was called the International.

Martin, 24 musicians and 8 backup singers will all be leaving for sin city to present Elvis Experience and hope that maybe the show could become a permanent fixture on the Vegas strip.

The manager of Le Capitole, Jean Pilote, together with Martin Fontaine himself signed the contract last week under the business banner of LCQ Productions.

The show will wrap up in June but, there is an option clause which gives them another four weeks to perform if all goes well, and they would like to go back in September, after giving some more shows back at Le Capitole in Quebec City in early September.

Good luck to a local boy who appears to be on the road to the big time in the shoes of the world’s most famous rock and roll star ever who, since his death in 1977 has become the most impersonated singer of all time.

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