Québec en Forme and English-Speaking Community Partnership Announced

Québec en Forme and English-Speaking Community Partnership Announced

Submitted by David Bonneville
Québec en forme coordinator
Coordonnateur de Québec en Forme
Voice of English-speaking Québec

We are proud to announce a new partnership between Québec en Forme and the English-Speaking Community.

The purpose of Québec en Forme is to promote the adoption and maintenance of healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle for Québec youth ages 0 to 17.

Québec en Forme accompanies and supports, mobilized communities and organisations that promote projects that implement the necessary conditions to make it fun and easy for young people to move more and eat better on a daily basis.

The Québec en Forme initiative is working with the English community to help set and attain goals for living a healthy lifestyle.
In response to our recent survey we are pleased to offer the following new classes in English:
MOM & BABY YOGA – The 7 week’s classes will start on November 5th. The cost is $116 including tax.

AQUA-BABY SWIMMING – 8 classes for $96. We will start the class with only 4 participants.

Exercise and have fun – As a new parent, finding time for regular physical activity can be a challenge. This class will feature activities designed to have fun in motion; turning play into fitness and vice-versa.  This is an opportunity to keep moving while you play with your child. There is no charge for this activity but registration is required.

For more information on the schedule, dates and locations, please contact our Québec en Forme coordinator, David Bonneville by email, quebecenforme@veq.ca or call (418) 683-2366, ext 227.

Let’s our community be active and eat better!

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