Quebec English Toastmasters Clubs – Where Leaders are Made

Quebec English Toastmasters Clubs – Where Leaders are Made

Article by Jean Racine
Photos courtesy of Andrei Zubok

The English Toastmasters clubs, where Leaders are made, offered leadership training again at the Fall Fest.

“What a great time we had at the Fall Fest this year at Quebec High School!” remarked Bobby Fielding.

Two Toastmasters members, Bobby Fielding and Louis-Philippe Allard, were at this year’s edition of the Fall Fest to greet attendees and explain how easy it is to gain significant leadership and communication skills and have great fun doing it!

Many visitors came to the Toastmasters kiosk to say hello, to enjoy a candy or two, and receive information about the effecitive leadership and communication program available through Toastmasters club membership, where leaders are made.

“This year, we were honoured with a visit from top ranking district officers, visiting from Montreal and Ottawa, to experience the community involvement of the local clubs.” explained Louis-Philippe Allard.

It is amazing how the English speaking Toastmasters clubs are rapidly growing in Quebec City. The first English-speaking club in the city was the Quest club, which meets on Friday mornings at Mikes Ste-Foy. The second English-speaking club to be created was the Viewpoint club which meets Wednesday nights in Beauport.

Last year, at the Faculté des sciences de l’adminitration on the Université Laval campus, the Quality Speakers club was established and meets on Monday nights. A few months later, the Tuesday noon club of D’Estimauville started meeting regularly.

An now, in Nouvo St-Roch, a new English-speaking club has started to meet at 7:15 am at Hotel Pur for a Toastmasters breakfast. This new club is sponsored by VETIQ and supported by the CLD and Quebec International. There are now 5 English-speaking Toastmasters clubs to serve the Quebec City Community.

All are welcome to visit these clubs for no charge to see how they can help you to develop your public speaking skills as well as your leadership ability. The best investment you can do is in yourself. Toastmasters International is a well-known non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1924.

For more information contact: Bobby Fielding (418-683-5365), Louis Philippe Allard (418-839-9393), Jean Racine (418-623-0452) or visit:

For French-speaking clubs visit:

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