Quebec ferry services union ready for strike action

Quebec ferry services union ready for strike action

Quebec City (Quebec) 5 October 2015 – The union representing the navigation technicians and mechanics that operate the ferries which cross the waterways throughout the province are set to go on strike starting October 13.

Without qualified navigators the ferries cannot legally operate, which will force all the services, Quebec-Lévis, Tadoussac-Baie St. Catherine, Isle-aux-Coudres, Matane-Baie-Comeau, and Sorel-St. Ignace to shut down.

The affected workers make between $55,000 and $80,000 a year but are apparently paid less than in other provinces. Their previous contract ended in March of this year curtailing an extra bonus they received reducing their income by about 6.5%. The workers involved want an increase in salary and not some extra bonus that doesn’t count for their pension plan earnings.

The union, (Syndicat des Métallos) which includes 150 members in the province is ready to go on strike for as long as it takes to improve their conditions.

The Government is going to try and maintain a minimal service under the essential services act for those people who depend on their local ferry to get to work or for business purposes.

The spokesman for the union, Gordon Ringuette hopes their actions will help publicize their member’s discontent towards the Liberal Government’s austerity program.

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