Québec Finds Agreement with Pharmacists for Expanded Powers

Québec Finds Agreement with Pharmacists for Expanded Powers

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 June 2015 – Québec concluded came to an agreement in principle yesterday with the Quebec Association of Pharmacy Owners regarding the pricing of activities newly allowed to pharmacists.

Starting today, pharmacists’ powers have been expanded in seven new areas of practice.  Pharmacists will now be able to prescribe medication when no diagnosis is required, prescribe medications when the diagnosis is known, extend a prescription, adjust a medical doctor’s prescription, order lab tests, substitute a drug, and administer a drug to demonstrate good practice.

The spokesperson of the Health Ministry, Joanne Beauvais, explained yesterday that the agreement provides that the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec or private insurers pay for four new pharmacist services, not three as initially proposed by the government.

Pharmacists are therefore not paid by public or private insurance if they adjust the form, dose, and the quantity or dosage prescriptions for therapeutic reasons or patients’ allergies.

People will normally have nothing to pay for access to the seven new pharmacist services.

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