Quebec Fishing Festival

Quebec Fishing Festival

This past weekend saw the 14th edition of the Fête de la pêche throughout the whole province. The minister of development, de la Faune and Parks, Yves-François Blanchet, invited all citizens to take part in the various activities that were held everywhere in Quebec for the weekend.

Fishing in Quebec is an activity that is accessible to all and it allows people to admire the extraordinary nature offered to them. The objective of this event is to ensure that fishing is passed on to future generations and that they continue to enjoy the sport. The normal fishing licence was not needed to to fish over the weekend therefore; it was the weekend to initiate the family to fishing.

Many lakes and rivers in the province were available for the weekend for people who don’t have licences. The only thing to do is to respect the laws and regulations. Saturday and Sunday activities were open for people who wanted to experience great moments while fishing.

There were 18 prizes to be won when entering the related contest such as a 14 feet Transom Sportspal canoe offered by Latulippe, activities in the great outdoors and fishing equipment.

The complete list of activities for each region was available as well as details for the contest on the following website:
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