Quebec garbage saga comes to surprising end

Quebec garbage saga comes to surprising end

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 May 2015 – As an update to a previous story, the city has finally taken a decision on the downtown garbage collection problem which has been haunting Mayor Labeaume for the past two months. If we recall, the mayor wanted residents to go back to using bags instead of bins for the recycling material and he also wanted to change the hours of collection to be at night.

As it turns out everything will go back to exactly the way it was before the changes were implemented. Residents will be able to use bins or bags, and the collection times will return to what they were; from 3pm to 11pm instead of being after midnight. Whether the bins be closed or open is of no consequence.

The city expected to save $2 million dollars a year with the new procedures but, the mayor says he has listened to the citizens and reversed his call on the matter.

He also said the whole commotion was very trying on his nerves and that he doesn’t want to have to go through the same experience again.

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