Quebec golf courses in need of golfers

Quebec golf courses in need of golfers

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 May 2015 – The golfing world is having a tough time these days trying to fill their schedules with teeing-off times; not because there are too many golfers but because of the exact opposite, there aren’t enough.

The Quebec City region golf courses are no exception and the first one to fall to a lack of funds is the Club de golf St-Laurent on Ile d’Orléans, which has officially closed for the 2015 season.

A second course in Charny, owned by the same person, Murray Couture jr, may shut next year if its finances can’t be retained or bolstered. The land on which the golf course is situated has already been posted to become industrial instead of recreational with the City of Lévis.

Another golf course, the Alpin is running on a deficit and will have to review its operational costs at the end of 2016 to decide whether it can survive or have to close down.

According to Jacques Bédard, regional president for Golf Québec, the golfing industry is suffering from a generation gap, where “baby boomer” golfers are diminishing at a rapid rate and the new younger breed don’t necessarily have the time to spend a day on the links like their predecessors.

The younger golfers may play 8 to 10 games a year whereas 20 years ago the same players were playing 8 to 10 games a month.

With the season being already shorter in the region due to the climate the local golfing industry is going to have to review and restructure if they want to survive according to M. Bédard.

The problem is not how well you play but rather, how often you play.


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