Quebec government being accused of non-conformity to bill 101

Quebec government being accused of non-conformity to bill 101

Montreal (Quebec) 26 May 2015 – It was discovered last week that the ministère du Conseil executive (MCE) or Executive Council Ministry, allocated a contract for a meeting for the Secrétariat de l’ordre national du Québec, at a hotel which apparently is on the OQLF’s (Office Québécois de la langue Française) blacklist. The contract was for the rental of a meeting room and equipment for a sum of $3,000.00.

It is an apparent rule with the government that no contracts for any purpose should be given out to any company that does not abide by the rules of the OQLF. The contract assigned to the Hilton Garden Inn, was signed during the 2014-2015 budget of the MCE whereas the hotel had been blacklisted since 2012.

The spokesperson for the MCE, Caroline Fraser, admitted that there was obviously an oversight in assigning the contract to that particular hotel and that in the future her office would be more vigilant when signing future contracts.

The OQLF blacklist consists of any company doing business in Quebec who doesn’t or won’t adhere to the rules of the office. There are presently 23 entries on the list including the La Senza stores. Couche-Tard convenince stores were at one time on the list too.

The OQLF says they have no jurisdiction over what companies the government may choose to do business with, stating only that they supply the list as a guideline for the government.

Is this another example of the bill 101 being a discriminatory document?

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