Quebec Government to re-examine social welfare admissibility

Quebec Government to re-examine social welfare admissibility

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 January 2015 – Continuing on its austerity measures the Quebec Government wants to re-evaluate the eligibility for individuals to receive social welfare and or what’s commonly known as handouts.

For several years now and, by different governments, the state has been studying the admissibility criteria for those who ask for government help. There are two different levels of at the present time, L’Aide Social (Welfare) and L’Emploi et de la Solidarité Social (Social Solidarity funds) that supply money for those who either cannot work or need help finding work.

Some people are considered unable to work and some just need some temporary support before returning to the workforce. The government’s new initiative is simply to redistribute the budgets so that the people who need the money most are properly looked after.

Two proposals are on the table; re-evaluate the property that a welfare recipient owns, if he indeed owns property and re-evaluate the cost of an apartment (cost of living) for each individual receiving help.

At the present time approximately 299,000 people live or “survive” on welfare payments to pay for their living quarters.

Welfare pays out $670 a month and the Solidarity fund pays out $865 a month for the same service. The difference is in one’s capacity to be able to work either from mental or physical incapacities or to be simply temporarily out of the working population.

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