Quebec grants more power to its nurses

Quebec grants more power to its nurses

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 October 2015 – Quebec’s Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette announced yesterday that the plan to allow nurses to administer certain prescriptions and treat minor medical applications will start taking effect in January of 2016.

The Minister says allowing nurses to prescribe certain medications like, contraceptives, birth control applications, anti-tobacco solutions, and morning sickness for pregnant women should alleviate a certain backlog for the health and social services. Medication for sexually contacted diseases will also be an option open to the specialized nurses under the new rules outlined by the ministry.

Nurses will also be able to treat minor cuts and skin abrasions and prescribe certain lab tests if the injuries merit more attention than a simple band-aid and/or disinfection.

Only nurses with a bachelor’s degree or those with a certain number of years of experience will be allowed to administer these options. The new powers also come with new responsibilities and the president of the Quebec Order of Nurses, Lucie Tremblay, is on board and appreciates the opportunity the ministry is offering its members.

According to Mme Tremblay nurses have the capacity to do a lot more than their present duties and it will be beneficial for the patients as well.

No mention was made if there would be a financial benefit attached to the new responsibilities.

Nurses presently earn between $51,000 and $93,000 a year depending on their positions as compared to a doctor who brings in about $300,000.

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