Local Hospitals Outsourcing to Montmagny

Local Hospitals Outsourcing to Montmagny

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Hospitals in the Quebec City area have taken a decision to offer patients who need minor surgery an offer they’ll be hard-pressed to refuse. Because of the overcrowding and long waiting lists in region, the hospitals under the CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) jurisdiction now offer a patient who needs day surgery the option to take a trip to Montmagny, an hour and a half drive from Quebec City, to have their procedure taken care of. The trip is not far if one considers the comparable waiting times for certain procedures.

The plan, for now, is to let patients have their work done within a month of detection rather than wait six months to have the same work done here in the city. So far this month 25 clients have accepted the offer and will have their operation in Montmagny this same month. The decision is left up to the patient and is optional, but common sense makes it very attractive for those people who want to get their minor procedures taken care of as quickly as possible. It also alleviates some of the pressure on the medical personnel here in the city.

The system will also allow the personnel working in hospitals to schedule their vacations and time off more easily because of the work-sharing procedure. Once everything is running smoothly and the routine is in place, statistics will be kept to more easily examine the effects of the out-of-town surgery on wait times and overcrowding, and the outlook should be very positive for patients and hospital personnel alike.

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