Quebec Hunting and Fishing Federation Expo 2012

Quebec Hunting and Fishing Federation Expo 2012

Discover the legacies left by our ancestors, wildlife management projects, the creativity and beauty of hunting and fishing accessories developed over time, and how the roles of hunters and fishermen interact with the wild – a social and cultural heritage to protect.

Situated in the multifunctional Quebec Hunting and Fishing headquarters, the exhibition allows you to learn the values of hunters and fishermen and how they protect Quebec habitats, flora and fauna.

With the Une Faune et des habitants en heritage theme, the exhibition begins with an overview of Quebec’s great territory and environmental factors that influence the north and south of the province.

There, nature’s force is opposed, represented by great mammals, such as beautiful polar bears.

This majestic wild animal is sure to make an impression on both young and old.

Hunting and fishing – a quest for our roots… an ancient art self-expressed in the second theme through many new and ancient objects for hunting and fishing.

The Connaître, protéger et aménager theme presents four fauna management success stories that have contributed to the natural balance of Quebec’s fauna.

The last theme, Pourquoi chaser et pêcher, concludes on the important management role of hunters and fishers.

For more information, visit:

Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs

162, rue du Brome
Québec, Canada
G3A 2P5
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