Quebec Internet Use on the Rise

Quebec Internet Use on the Rise

Internet Usage Becoming Increasingly Popular

The Internet has become increasingly important, that it encompasses almost all age groups in Quebec.

The latest data from the NETendances survey indicate that more than four in five Canadians use the Internet, and 93% of them have used regularly in 2012, compared to 84% five years earlier.

The proliferation of platforms that encourage greater use. Quebec Internet users use the Internet for personal and professional reasons for almost 17 and a half hours per week, to search, read articles, visit their Facebook and/or other accounts.

On average, the is computer accessed for about 10 hours of per week, compared to six hours for laptops and netbook computers with an average of three hours on a mobile device: smart phones, tablets, and digital music players.

Interestingly, almost all adults who are below the age of 55 years use the Internet regularly, but there has been a significant increase of four percentage points for users in the 55 to 74 age range in just one year, from 2011 to 2012. Thus, nearly three out of four Quebecers aged 55 to 64 years (73%) regularly use the Internet, and more than half (56%) use among 65 to 74 years.

Although, the computer is rarely used by those that are 75 years and over, where only one in three adults use the internet and only one in four uses it regularly.

NETendances’ survey is a continuous job done by the Centre facilitant la recherche et l’innovation dans les organisations (CEFRIO) using information technology and communication, which includes faculty members, industry and government and 80 associates and visiting researchers.
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