Quebec Lexicon / Le lexique français du québécois

Quebec Lexicon / Le lexique français du québécois

The Life in Quebec ‘lexique français du québécois’ is a work in progress and will be added to over time.

There may be inaccuracies and we make no apologies for this. Quebec French slang is often not written down so we may write entries ‘as they sound’.

There are two parts to our lexicon – Quebec Phrases (at the top) and Les Sacres (at the bottom). If you are offended by swear words or language you perhaps wouldn’t use in front of your mother, then please do not read Les Sacres.

If you have something that you’d like to add here, please leave a comment at the bottom and we’ll include it.

Oh, and one last thing, enjoy the read and don’t let the boss catch you if you’re at work. Unless you are the boss then, well, read on McDuff… 

Quebec Phrases

– to whine
Arrête de chialer!
Arrête de chialer et va te coucher – stop whining and go to bed.

Être crevé – to be very tired, knackered, shattered, done in etc.  

Être poquée –
to be hungover, a bit fragile
Je suis poquée – I’m hungover, a bit fragile etc.
Être dans le jus – to be extremely busy
Je suis dans le jus
Être tanné – to be fed up
Je suis tanné

Pur laine – a true Quebeccer
Je suis Québécois pur laine – I’m a true Quebeccer (a native of Québec).

Trippant – it’s really good, great, fantastic.
C’est trippant

Les Sacres
Coming soon to a computer screen near you (we promise)
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