Quebec Liberals want to reboot the province using a maritime strategy

Quebec Liberals want to reboot the province using a maritime strategy

Main pic: Port de Québec (secteur de l’Estuaire). Photo credit: Judicieux.

Montreal (Quebec) 7 July 2015 – According to Premier Couillard, Quebec’s most valuable resource is the St. Lawrence River, and he wants to develop and promote its use as a gateway to North America both for merchandise shipping and as a tourist attraction. Couillard even went as far as calling The St. Lawrence River and its shores the hidden jewel of the Quebec economy.

The Federal Government and the province, together with private industry are ready to invest up to $9 billion to build new docking ports for cargo ships all along the waterway from Vaudreuil-Soulanges, west of Montreal, up to the Gaspé coast. Special liquid bulk and container ports would be required in the major centres to accommodate an increase in activity from Asia and European trade activity. Plans to revamp the cruise ship terminals in Quebec City and Montreal are also on the table.

The provincial government proclaims the new installations would create 3,000 new jobs and would inject millions in to the Quebec Economy. Two private companies who could profit from the project are Groupe Desgagnés, who run cargo and passenger boats up and down the river, and Groupe Océan, who build maritime vessels, do dredging, and offer tugboat and pilot transportation for river pilots who are required to take over the controls of cargo ships when navigating the waters in and around the major cities in the province.

Both companies are on board and ready to invest in the project.

Both governments hope to have everything in place for 2030.

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