Quebec loses one of its greatest clowns

Quebec loses one of its greatest clowns

Paul_Buissonneau_Picolo2Montréal (Québec) 2 December 2014 – The province of Quebec lost one of its cultural icons over the past weekend in the name of Paul Buissonneau, aka Picolo.

M. Buissonneau started a small travelling theatre group that toured around the public parks in Montreal entertaining children soon after he arrived in Canada in 1949.

He started his rolling theatre in 1952 and met up with such iconic figures as Félix Leclerc, and Jeanine Sutto.

He helped launch the careers of Quebec artists (among others) such as Yvon Deschamps, Clémence Desrochers and Claude Léveillée who are all household names for most Francophones in the province.

In 1956 he created a clown personification by the name of Picolo, and was featured on Radio-Canada for years.

At the same time he started a permanent theatre group known as Quat’Sous, who eventually set up shop on Ave. des Pins (Pine Ave.) in Montreal.

M. Buissonneau was the director of the theatre until 1989 having presented five different plays written by Michel Tremblay and André Brassard.

He also starred in several Quebec movies two of which became huge successes like “Deux femmes en Or” and “J’en suis”.

He was awarded the Governor General’s Award for his contribution to live theatre in 1998, and became an honorary citizen of Montreal last September.

He had plans for his funeral, asking that Picolo’s famous lunchbox be part of the ceremony.

Paul Buissoneau was born in 1926 and died peacefully at l’ Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in Montreal.

He was 87.

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